Philosophy of the Academy

The Chamber Music Academy of Thury is first and foremost a meeting
place for people with a passion for chamber music. The Academy project
is entirely dedicated to chamber music. It is also an adventure on a
human scale as it brings together 12 to 20 musicians depending on the
year. In other terms it’s a a large family gathered in the same
location, and whose lives will be paced with concerts taking place
every other day, and where chamber music works will be played.
Professional musicians with a solid expertise in the field of chamber
music through their professional career and desisions join amateur
musicians with the desire to perform an in-depth study of this
repertoire and to take part in the live concert experience. The
purpose of this academy is public perfmormance. Over the years the
academy built a loyal audience that however knows the project of the
academy and its pedagogical dimension.

Another dimension of the Academy is that of the conviviality. This
sparsely populated rural area could not have secured such a project
without the profound and benevolent involvement of its inhabitants.
Spurred by Michel Mourot, residing in Thury, public infrastructure but
principally competences, generosity and hospitality have been
sollicited over the years and could ensure the development and
sustainability of the project. A true relationship exists with the
villagers, guests, various partners and spectators and puts the
conviviality at the heart of the project.

This rural area and all it has to offer gives the Academy a frame in
which simplicity perfectly blends with the beauty of its surroundings,
habitat and its monuments: particularly its magnificent churches which
almost all date back from the medieval era, its small castles, its
touristic specialties, its stone quarries, its pottery workshops (one
of the key active pottery centers in France) and the spirit of
Colette, the famous writer native of Saint-Sauveur en Puisaye (at 10
kms from Thury) in which its castle hosts a museum devoted to her.